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send a warm fuzzy!

A new way to send warm fuzzies!
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Here is a perfect opportunity to spread joy and happiness by sending warm fuzzies to the people you care about! My goal is to fill the world with a warm fuzzy feeling in order to make it a better place. Warm fuzzies are a wonderful (and inexpensive!) gift for a loved one and it will certainly make you feel good in return! If you do not know what a warm fuzzy is, please read a Warm Fuzzy Tale.

After you complete this form, it will generate a web page based on the information that you provide here and send an email to recipient of your warm fuzzy. Contained in that email will be your name, your email address and the URL of where their warm fuzzy can be viewed. It is important that the recipient of your warm fuzzy has access to the WWW and email! The URL will be available for two weeks before it is deleted.

NEW! Now you can join my Warm Fuzzy Greetings Newsletter to get the latest happenings on this site. Please read the fuzzy news page for more information. NOTE: Fuzzies on this page are 1/3 actual size.

[aqua mini fuzzy] Aqua   [magenta mini fuzzy] Magenta   [periwinkle mini fuzzy] Periwinkle   [silver mini fuzzy] Silver
[chocolate mini fuzzy] Chocolate   [maroon mini fuzzy] Maroon   [pink mini fuzzy] Pink   [sand mini fuzzy] Sand
[green mini fuzzy] Green   [mint mini fuzzy] Mint   [rainbow mini fuzzy] Rainbow   [teal mini fuzzy] Teal
[horizon mini fuzzy] Horizon   [orange mini fuzzy] Orange   [red mini fuzzy] Red   [violet mini fuzzy] Violet
[lavender mini fuzzy] Lavender   [peach mini fuzzy] Peach   [royal mini fuzzy] Royal   [yellow mini fuzzy] Yellow
      [usa mini fuzzy] USA   [dustpuppy mini fuzzy] Dust Puppy      

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Sorry, there is no "preview" option at this time. Instead, you can view an example (and another example) of what the recipient of your warm fuzzy will get.

NOTE: Sometimes the email that is sent out from this page gets lost in cyberspace. There are lots of reasons why but one could be that it has something to do with the recipient's ISP being really paranoid about who it receives mail from. Basically, the mail sent from this form could be considered 'spam' by certain email clients. So, it might be a good idea for you to send an email to the person you are sending the warm fuzzy to be certain that they know about it.

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send a warm fuzzy!
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