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I wanted to share a few sites that I thought were worth visiting. I don't want to add sites to this list which I find annoying in any way. This means no music, limited flashy graphics, no blinking text, no background music, etc. I will make very few exceptions to this, however so don't get your hopes up. Either I have stumbled upon these sites by accident or they have been recommended to me over the years. If you have a site you would like me to add, please email me.

I have tried to pick sites that were kid-friendly but I do not guarentee that these links are such. It is out of my control if someone changes the content on their pages. Also, some of these links may not work due to this same factor.

Warm Fuzzy Tale  :  This is Claude Steiner's page about the tale he wrote three decades about but it is still relevant today. It was his book that inspired me to create this site.
Fuzzies: A Folk Tale  :  Another similar tale about warm fuzzies. It seems to predate Mr. Steiner's published tale but on Mr. Steiner's web site, he has a copyright of 1969 so who knows. ;) Also, be sure to check out another story by Duen Hsi Yen with some cute warm fuzzy pictures.
Warm Fuzzy Photos  :  Even though this site is no longer updated, it still exists for archival and entertainment purposes. It is a collection of humorous and adorable photos from around the world. There are a few bare bottoms and sumo wrestlers in the collection so beware if those things will offend you.
Shaya's Place  :  This thoughtful lady gave me some really nice feedback and she said that she links to my site from hers. I liked her site ... it looks nice, not a lot of fluff and interesting content. Check out her buddykins!
About.com  :  This is a fairly intense list of various people's web sites. It has everything from teaching basic HTML, offering design tips to make people want to come back to your site, suggest ways of advertising your page, and feature other great sites and unique pages. Mine happens to be one of those featured pages.
50 Things...  :  This is a great list of 50 Things To Do For Anyone, Anytime which features my warm fuzzy page. It is a wonderful reminder of thoughtful and kind things you can be doing every day.
Bear Jests Post Office  :  This is a nice postcard site that has a lot of great pictures like bears, various stuffed animals, holidays and more to decorate your eCards.
123Greetings.com  :  A postcard site where you can send out greetings of all kinds.
Netscape's What's Cool  :  My warm fuzzy site got featured on Netscape's What's Cool way back in December 1998. I think they have one of the best quotes about my site ever: "A cheap way to cure clinical depression." Some of their other picks are pretty interesting too.

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